Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick rules question: Placing runner after base award

Someone posted this to my f/b account:

R1.  Flyball to outfield.  BR runs to first and is on way to 2nd.  R1 hung up between 1st and 2nd waiting to see if ball is caught.  Ball falls in, outfielder throws the ball out of play.  What do you do with the runners?

Where, if you read my article on the Full Windup on base awards, or my follow up post, you know that the correct ruling is that you give the runners 2 bases from the last base they legally touched at the time of the throw. So... where do you put the runners?  Hint:  You don't award 3rd base to both.   I'll leave this open for comments for a few days and will post the correct ruling soon.

Smile, spring training has started!  Although there's still snow outside my window :(

On award of bases, the lead runner should always be awarded his bases first, and then each additional runner, in reverse order.  If 2 or more runners' positions would be the same, the preceding runner should be awarded his porper award, and any following runner may only be awarded the bases behind the lead runner's awarded bases.
So the anonymous commenter had it right.  R1 gets 3rd base, and the batter only gets to go to second.