Sunday, April 10, 2011

One week in..

Well, the MLB season is barely a week old and already I'm tired of hearing the same old things.  Whether it's fans complaining that the "umps cost us the game", or announcers being completely clueless on rules, and confusing their audience with their bad attempts at explaining them, I can't stay quiet much longer.  So here's a couple of titbits that I've touched on previously that I'm going to repeat until maybe someday someone reads this and thinks before they talk!

Point #1:  If you are an MLB broadcaster and you don't understand the rules, here are some suggestions:
1 - Read the rulebook!  Or at least have it handy, so when a confusing situation comes up, you can read the appropriate rule and explain it correctly.
2 - If that's too hard for you, then admit you don't know WTF you are talking about.  A simple - "the ump made that call, but I'm unclear why - but I'm sure he knows the rules and applied it correctly", is much better than confusing the audience by explaining a rule incorrectly, and having all the listeners perplexed as to how a professional Umpire could screw it up that badly.