Friday, March 25, 2011

Not out on strike 3

As most of you who have played or coached above Little League know, a batter is not always automatically out on strike 3.  Rare as it may be at higher levels, batters can run to 1st base safely after striking out in certain situations.

I wrote an article on The Full Windup that is geared towards those players or coaches just moving up to a division where this rule first applies.  When I initially wrote it I was thinking this article would be most useful to these young players.  At older levels everyone knows the rule and what to do, right? Right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MLB Power Rankings - March edition

This is the last preseason installment of the power rankings series, provided by Ruben from the Red Sox Nation in Alberta blog, who is letting me cross-post here.   Feel free to add your comments.

This is my last preseason power rankings.  I will update these near the beginning of each month throughout the season.  I will also update my preseason predictions before the season starts.

Numbers in brackets are movement from last month, and their high/low rank for the season.  Look at previous rankings(here for the initial January ones, and here for February) for explanations of how the team got to where they were - any explanation here just reflects recent changes.

#1 - Boston ( --, 1/1) They haven't done anything to drop from the top of the rankings.

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#2 - Philadelphia (--, 2/2)  Some injuries may make them less formidable, but along with Boston they are still the only other team likely to win 95 games.
#3 - Minnesota (--, 3/5) Beating up on weak division opponents will help their win total.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UMPS CARE charity online auction

Hey baseball fans!!  Do you want to feel good by helping to provide experiences for children with cancer or scholarships for deserving young adults, while being able to reap the rewards by getting unique baseball memorabilia, or the experience of a lifetime?  Well, then head on over to the UMPS CARE 3rd Annual Online Auction and start bidding!

This is an awesome program.   Read more in an interview with MLB umpire Mike Di Muro at Through The Fence Baseball.