Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Umpire has never cost a team a game

Now that I have your attention, let me end the year with a controversial post that I hope will generate some comments.   This post may be lengthy, but can be summed up in one sentence:  I have never seen a game that a team lost due to an Official’s call.   I’m not only limiting this to baseball games that I've seen live.  I’m including other sports such as football and basketball, and any baseball games at any level.   But it’s human nature to blame any failure (whether a group result such as a team loss or an individual failure such as an error or strike out.) on something else  --  “we were  tired from the long bus trip”, “the ball took a bad hop”,” the sun was in my eyes”, “the umpire blew the call”.   You never hear a player say “I have lousy skills”, “I can’t field a ground ball properly”, “I don’t have good command of the strike zone”.
It’s not only players.  I hear complaints all the time from friends that I’m watching games with.  “The ref just cost them the game with that call”.  (Sometimes I think they pile it on a bit thicker because they know I’m an Umpire, but I’ve listened to enough sports talk radio to realize that this attitude is common). 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Base awards

I'm taking a slight break today... I've been writing articles for The Full Windup, and my latest article is published.   Instead of repeating myself, here is the link to an article I wrote on awarding bases.  Please take a look at let me know what you think.   Some good tips there for players on how to take advantage of certain situations, and what to do and not do.

Coaches - a quick tip:  I know most Coaches don't know most of the rules, and I don't expect you guys to memorize how many bases are awarded on each time of overthrown.  But, if nothing else, just remember there is NO SUCH THING AS 1+1!    As long as you never utter those words to an umpire, you'll be thought of as smarter than the majority of the Coaches we have to put up with: :P